A sleep study is a medical diagnostic test that is designed to find out if you are getting a restful night’s sleep. Observing you and recording certain information while you sleep is the only way your physician can find out if you have a sleep disorder. This test is performed in the Sleep Lab at Moore County Hospital District.

At the Sleep Lab, monitoring equipment is placed at your bedside. Sensors are placed on your head, chest, legs, and finger which are then connected to the monitoring equipment. You will experience no discomfort while these sensors are applied. The monitors will record your life signs such as brainwaves, breathing, and your snoring while you are asleep. This equipment is carefully designed to detect any abnormalities in your sleep patterns, even if you are unaware of having them.


The sleep study is completely painless. Remember that the purpose of the study is to measure the way you normally sleep. If the sleep study were to be uncomfortable in any way, your doctor could not get a normal picture of your sleep patterns. Most people find that undergoing a sleep study is a new and interesting experience.


When you wake up in the morning, the sleep study will be finished. The monitors will contain an entire night’s information on how you have slept. Following the analysis and interpretation of your sleep study by board certified specialists, the technician will send a printed report of your sleep patterns to your physician. If you have a sleep disorder, your physician will discuss the options available to help you get the sleep you need.